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Who we are

The Ideal Sisterhood is a unique Women’s Business and Social Networking Group. A Sorority comprised of homemakers, business women, volunteers, executives and retirees, uniting to create relationships that last a lifetime.  We believe in the value that all women bring to the lives of others. The fluidity of the Sisterhood allows you to evolve in your life and maintain your purpose within the Sisterhood. We come together to share knowledge, develop friendships, create memories, and build a support systems.

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Our spirit Animal and Sisterhood Mascot is  Zoe the Zebra

The zebra represents individuality, grace, beauty, honesty and freedom. It is a power animal. The spiritual meaning behind the stripes has to do with integration of opposites, thus enabling us to see the deeper truth. This power animal helps us both maintain our individuality within group settings and helps us to be supportive members of our communities. We incorporate Zoe throughout the Sisterhood to symbolize our strength and individuality.

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Sisters in the community

Within the IDEAL Sisterhood one of our core beliefs is if nothing is given nothing is gained. It doesn’t take a great deal to change the life of another person with just a small amount of time and effort. Therefore each Chapter of our organization adopts one or more charitable cause(s) to support throughout each year. Options are nominated and voted on within  each chapter. Through fundraising, donations, or volunteering our members use their talents and creativity to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

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The IDEAL Sisterhood
I  —  Influential Ladies

—  Devoted to supporting one another by

E —  approaching life with Enthusiasm

A —  to create Amazing friendships

 — while creating relationships that last a Lifetime

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